Alina Simone Statement: 2021

Alina Simone’s Exciting News about her documentary Black Snow

            This year sees us finishing production on Black Snow and preparing for the final edit, which is scheduled to begin in Denmark in the winter of 2022. This spring and summer, the film was awarded numerous prestigious and highly competitive grants, including: The International Documentary Association’s “Enterprise Production Grant” ($70,000, given to only 10 films out of 350); a $45,000 grant from the Justice for Journalists Foundation;  a Momentum Grant of $15,000 from the Catapult Film Fund, as well as a $35,000 grant from Fork Films, Abigail Disney’s private foundation.

            Also this year, Alina Simone and Kirstine Barfod (Black Snow‘s director and producer) had two very positive meetings with Sundance Film Festival curators. Without making any promises, Sundance strongly urged the team to consider pushing the debut date for Black Snow a few months forward so the film might premiere at Sundance in January of 2023.

            Given that Sundance is widely regarded as America’s premier film festival and offers incomparable exposure, a Sundance premier is now our tentative goal. We couldn’t have done any of this without the rock-solid faith and early support of Sara’s Wish Foundation, one of our first funders. Thank you!