Nepal – Karen Mera (2000)

Karen Mera was student at the Yale School of Nursing when she applied to Sara’s Wish Foundation. Her plans were to graduate in 2001 with a Master’s of Science degree in nursing with the training to be licensed as a family nurse practitioner. Karen spent summer 2000 volunteering in a hospital in Kathmandu, working in the outpatient clinic. Karen lived and worked in Nepal for four years prior to beginning graduate school, and is fluent in Nepali. Karen’s scholarship award of $1600 covered the cost of her flight as well as additional living expenses.

Here are Karen’s travel safety tips:

Do not ride motorcycles in Nepal because appropriate medical care is not available for head injuries. Do not ride buses at night. Bus drivers in Nepal tend to take drugs to stay awake when driving at night, and the buses’ headlights are bad.