Morocco – Aerion Ward (2014)

1. Be vigilant and observant, unlike the United States, going for casual aloof strolls is not a suggested thing.
2. When walking, move with authority as though you know where you are going and with a clear defined purpose.
3. Learn key words immediately upon arrival, No, How Much, Too Expensive.
4. Make sure you have a key landmark to where you are living/staying. And make sure it is the only one with that name!
5. Honestly, put your headphones in, but keep the volume low or not playing at all. I found it significantly decreased the amount of unwanted attention directed at me.
6. Of course, nighttime, alone especially is not too safe. There has been an increase in attacks on locals.
7. For women, when walking at night and in the medinas, going with men is very helpful! If you can, do try to have a man accompany you.
8. Get a local cell phone, in North Africa Wi-Fi is not as prevalent.
9. Google-map directions to where you are going before leaving your home/stay, so you know minimal the direction in which you should be heading.

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