Viet Nam – Lan Ngo (2013)

Travel Tips For Vietnam

1. On three different occasions, strangers have grabbed at my body before. Luckily, nothing else happened. Be prepared to yell back, but I would not advise attacking or hitting anyone if you are sexually harassed in this way, as violence in fights can escalate very quickly in Vietnam.
2. Avoid extravagance. Fancy jewelry, shoes, clothes, bags, will draw unnecessary attention to you.
3. If you are riding a motorbike: 1) Wear a good helmet. 2) Rent/buy a cheap motorbike. If you drive a really nice bike, you are putting yourself at risk at being robbed while on the street. 3) If you live far from the city center, try to make it home before the streets in your area become too vacant.
These are only 3 of my tips. Here are 2 sites to find Vietnam-specific traveling tips:

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