Peru – Kali Basman (2014)

I strongly encourage any reader to make the journey to Peru. From the serene villages nestled into the jungle along the Amazon River, to the endless stairways through the vivid streets of a crowded and colorful Cusco, Peru has something to offer every traveler. Of course, every traveler should go equipped with some basic knowledge of how to stay safe there:
• The Amazon Jungle is beyond amazing and I highly recommend paying this complex and vibrant landscape a visit. It offers much environmental diversity so when adventuring there make sure you are always with an experienced and knowledgeable guide. You should book any excursion there with an established touring company before visiting. MAKE SURE to bring extra strong mosquito repellant. Sleep in a mosquito net. Do not walk alone. Drink purified water only.
• In high elevations in Peru: Peru is home to some wondrous villages and cities at extremely high elevations. For instance, Cusco is over 11,000 feet. There are altitude sickness pills available and I recommend traveling with them just in case you begin to feel the effects of altitude. Some symptoms of altitude sickness include:
o A headache, usually throbbing. Worse during the night and when you wake up
o Loss of appetite
o Sick to your stomach
o Feeling weak and tired
o Feeling dizzy
If you are hiking, camping, or just traveling, you and those with you need to know the symptoms of altitude sickness. People often mistake altitude sickness for the flu, a hangover, or dehydration. As a rule, consider your symptoms to be altitude sickness unless you can prove they are not.
• Taxi Transportation throughout Peru: If you travel by taxi, know that there are no meters so you will need to preemptively arrange a price with your taxi driver. Only take trusted taxis, such as from the stations at the airport. You can always ask the hotel/hostel to arrange a taxi for you. Only use officially licensed taxis- there should be some sign of documentation in the front window or on the dashboard. Keep your windows rolled up while driving or stopped in a busy city because snatch theft is common. Keep your luggage with you, instead of in the trunk, as much as possible.
• Other Miscellaneous Tips
o Use a money belt! Having your wallet in your pocket or in a backpack behind you is vulnerable and increases your chances of theft.
o Split up your cash, credit cards, and other important documents and resources in case one of your bags gets stolen.
o Dress conservatively as not to draw attention to yourself.
o Travel with a trusted friend.