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Mexico – Sarah Isbey (2011)

Sarah Isbey, a graduate of Dartmouth College, is a medical student at UNC – Chapel Hill. This summer, Sarah worked in several rural villages in Mexico, implementing training programs regarding basic medical emergencies.  Sarah received a $1000 scholarship from Sara’s Wish Foundation.

Here are Sarah’s travel safety tips:

  • Travel and work in groups whenever possible!
  • Get to know your area once you arrive
  • If at all possible, buy a cheap local cell phone to stay in touch with your host family or organization
  • Use your common sense – don’t stay out alone late at night, don’t eat food that you don’t see prepared, and don’t drink water/juice from unidentified sources
  • Learn some of the local customs before you go, such as apparel, attitudes, and any common religious beliefs. You will most likely still stick out, but try to assimilate yourself as much as possible!
  • Be friendly to those around you
  • Always wear your seatbelt, and avoid riding in the back of trucks if at all possible