India – Ericka Schnitzer (2000)

Ericka Schnitzer applied for her scholarship while pursuing a MA/PhD degree at the Divinity School at the Unversity of Chicago. Ericka attended a Hindi language immersion program in Rajasthan, India, during the fall of 2000. While in India Ericka worked with a group of children on art projects aimed at gaining an understanding of their visual conceptions of the gods and goddesses that their families worship. Once back in Chicago, Ericka planned to hold an exhibition of the children’s artwork through the University of Chicago’s Divinity School in conjunction with the Department of South Asian Studies. One goal of the exhibition was tol recognize the contributions of Sara’s Wish Foundation to this project. Ericka’s scholarship totaled $2000 to cover travel costs and the costs of art supplies.

Here are Ericka’s travel safety tips:

Travel by train rather than bus whenever possible. Use mineral water for drinking, brushing your teeth, etc.