Ghana – Maria Crossman (2011)

Maria Crossman is working on her masters degree in public administration at George Washington University. Maria traveled to Ghana during the summer of 2011 where she volunteered in an orphanage, teaching and mentoring the children in ways that support both their intellectual and social growth. Maria received a $2000 scholarship from Sara’s Wish Foundation.

Here are Maria’s travel safety tips:

  • Do research on the community you are traveling too and pay attention to cultural norms that are important to follow in an effort to not draw attention to yourself
  • Try not to travel after dark
  • Always keep your money in many different locations and bring more than one means to get extra money out of your account if necessary
  • Take time to understand your intuition and gut feelings.  I recommend reading the Gift of Fear to get a better grasp of this.
  • Take the contact information of family and friends while abroad and provide them with a way to get in touch with you if need be

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