Tibet – Nancy Zimmerman (2011)

Nancy Zimmerman is studying to be a nurse practitioner at UCLA. Nancy worked as a nurse practitioner in the Himalayan Health Exchange Program in Tibet this summer. Nancy received a $1500 scholarship from Sara’s Wish Foundation.

Here are Nancy’s travel safety tips:

  • Do not be hesitant in whatever form of transportation that you choose (car, rickshaw, carriage) to tell the driver to slow down if you feel uneasy.
  • Do your research on the driving company that has been hired. Ask questions such as: how long have these drivers been with the company, what are the company’s driving policies, and are these policies enforced.
  • If driving long distances with a hired driver, inquire as to whether or not there will be night driving. Try to avoid driving at night if possible, since many cars on the roads do not utilize headlights.
  • Roads can be precarious in northern India, so know the kind of rocky terrain that you will be traveling and make sure the car is suitable for such conditions. Make sure that your car has working seatbelts installed, as many cars do not have this safety feature.
  • When in Delhi, wear a money-belt and keep it close to you at all times. Try not to have your passport on you, and instead keep it stowed away safely in your luggage or hotel.
  • Try to pay before getting in a taxi outside of the Delhi airport. You will avoid money scams and unauthorized taxis by doing so.

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