Uganda – Jocelyn Cook (2009)

Jocelyn Cook has a masters degree in global studies from Northeastern University. Thanks to a $1000 scholarship from Sara’s Wish Foundation, Jocelyn spent three months in Uganda working for general health and specifically AIDS education for a non-profit foundation.

Here are Jocelyn’s travel safety tips:

Hire a private driver opposed to public transit – this may add to your cost considerably but when you consider your overall safety and well being – the cost really is nominal.

Travel with a friend on errands – I went to pick my husband up at the airport and it was 4 hours away so I recruited a local whom I had become friendly with and treated her to a nice lunch in exchange for riding with me to and from the airport. Not only did she know the drivers language, but she ensured I wouldn’t be alone for the four hour trip to pick up my husband.

Do not carry all your money on you in one place so that when you go to pay for something you have only a limited amount of cash in your pocket. This also helps when negotiating taxi fares etc., because you are pulling a set amount out of your pocket so one could assume that is all you have available.