Namibia – Emily Dodds (1998)

Emily Dodds was our first recipient. A graduate of Notre Dame, Emily was granted a scholarship of $2500. This funding helped defray the costs of participating in the WorldTeach program in Namibia, Africa. Emily returned from Africa in December 1998, and visited the Schewes in Amherst in January 1999.

Here are Emily’s travel safety tips:

Make safe travel a priority. For example, set aside money to take a luxury bus or train when traveling long distances, and never travel at night. If you are on the roads, be aware of the driver. Don’t be afraid to get out if you don’t feel safe. Hitchhiking is a reality in many developing nations (especially those with no public transportation systems). The best choice is to arrange a ride with someone you know. If that’s not possible, however, and you decide to hitchhike, here are some rules to follow:

  • Never travel at night.
  • Look for safe, reliable cars, always speak to the driver, and make sure there is at least one other woman in the car.
  • Never ride in an open truck.